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Article Submission Guidelines

Before submitting an article, please familiarise yourself with our audience and editorial approach by reviewing previously published articles in our article archive at


The typical reader of articles is looking for information that is straightforward and compelling. It must be authoritative and unique material relevant to the chosen topic. Articles from academics, industry professionals, students and enthusiast are welcome. The mission of Search and Go is to give informative information to visitors from all walks of life.

SAGO currently requires articles based on the following topics:

  • Web Design
  • Real Estate
  • Financial
  • SAGO has standing requirements for articles based on the following subjects:
  • Academic Papers in reference to Technology
  • Travel
  • Online Auction Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Web
  • Subjects Explained, Defined or Discussed and 'How To...'

Please review for the style required.
Ideally, articles are between 600 words and upwards.

How to Submit an Article

Submit your article, proposal, or any questions to Editor-in-chief David Frankel at . Please include your full name, e-mail address, postal mailing address, and daytime phone number with each article submission. Submit your articles in plain ASCII text, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Microsoft Word.

Authorization to Publish an Article

When you submit an article, you are stating the following:

i. The article was created solely by you
ii. The article is an original work and has not been published in any other form
iii. You authorize SAGO’s use, modification, reproduction, and distribution of the article .

Please do not submit articles that you've also submitted to another website or publication.

Response to Your Article Submission

If you've submitted a completed article to SAGO, please note that it can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks for us to evaluate your article, and you may not be contacted immediately.

Editorial Process

If we decide to prepare your article for publication, you must be available for and respond to editorial queries on the content of your article. Articles may be edited for length and language, and will be published online only.

By the end of the editorial query process, we will determine when the article is scheduled for publication. (Note that our needs change very quickly so all schedules are subject to change.)


We offer an author, upon publication, a bio at the footer of the article with a link to their website. We will do everything to protect the authors work and do all in our -power to promote the authors works.