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Expert Tips for Men's and Women's Skincare

If there is one part of the body almost every person is concerned with, it's their face. We are judged by our appearances. And while not all encompassing, our faces represent our identities. With countless products available specifically for the facial care of men and women, you might find yourself lost in a sea of choices. Which ones work best? They all could.

Depending on your skin type, the environment in which you live, your age, your sex, your diet and several other factors, one product might work wonderfully for you even if it gave marginal results for someone else. Products created for dry skin, for example, would be of great benefit to someone whose skin lacks moisture. However, for a person with naturally oily skin, "dry skin" products would likely cause breakouts and other irritations. It isn't a fault of the product: it's a result of improper use or lack of knowledge.

The first tips most experts give regarding skincare in general, is to determine your skin type. Most facial products and at-home spa treatments are now available for normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. You'll want to be able to choose the one that will give you the best results for your specific skin type.

The second tip skin care experts give is to avoid body soap when cleaning your face. Makeup Artist Tyrone Traylor explains that because regular bath bars are detergent-based, they strip the face of all natural oils leaving it dry and flaky. Both men and women should incorporate a gentle facial cleanser or facial bar into their daily routines to preserve the moisture and softness of their skin.

Lastly, sunscreen is a must for men and women. Select a product that gives you both UVA and UVB protection. Limiting your skin's exposure to the sun dramatically reduces lines and wrinkles and aids in preventing skin cancer.

Experts also have advice about skincare specifically for men and women.

Shaving Tips for Men

If you ask 100 people, you'll get 100 different answers about the best way to shave. There are, however, several common denominators that work to bring about a smooth face with little or no irritation. Even if you have sensitive skin, making a little extra effort in front of the mirror each morning can leave you with a baby soft face that's smooth and sexy. offers the shaving tips of using a pre-shave lubricant then massaging shaving foam or cream into your beard for a full minute for best results. They also recommend using products with natural ingredients - such as aloe - that won't clog pores.

What shaving tips do pros give regarding razor selection? Every razor has pros and cons so experiment with several then choose the one that suits you best. Razor cartridges (with multiple blades) shave the closest but can cause hair re-growth that curls and becomes ingrown. Double-edged, single blades aren't known for contributing to ingrown hairs but can nick your face easily. Both types of razors are great for preventing irritation and bumps.

Manscape say that the best way to get a perfect shave is by using a double edge safety razor, a good quality shaving brush, and that preparation is everything.

If you ask The Style Guy at GQ Magazine for his best shaving tip, he'll tell you "the more blades the better." While he initially scoffed at razors with three blades (believing them to be overkill) he quickly was won over by their performance. With razors now available using five blade, The Style Guy is looking forward to even less irritation and other benefits.

In addition to a pre-shave lubricant and a good razor, experts also agree that the best way to shave includes aftershave care. Because shaving irritates skin, a soothing agent is needed to reverse the affects. Choose a lotion that is alcohol free to avoid shocking or burning your face while it is in a vulnerable state.

Facial Tips for Women

Because most women apply makeup, their facial care is normally more involved than that of men. Makeup, in and of itself, can be an irritant if it is created with poor-quality ingredients that clog pores or cause reactions. Women truly need to go the extra mile in caring for their facial skin.

The experts at Clinique recommend always using a product specifically designed for makeup removal prior to cleansing your face. Once the makeup has been removed, begin your facial care regimen with a gentle cleaning followed by exfoliation to reduce wrinkles, even skin tone and remove dead skin cells that dull appearance.

Estee' Lauder beauty consultants agree. Their recommended next steps are to tone and hydrate your face after each cleansing. Toning products are designed to deep clean pores and lessen their appearance so your face looks smoother. Hydration is absolutely vital in keeping fine lines at bay and lending a healthy glow to your skin.

Many home spa treatments are also available that provide helpful benefits as well as a sheer sense of pleasure and relaxation. Diana Carswell of the Washington Post recommends home spa facial treatments because of their ability to deep clean, exfoliate, stimulate and hydrate. Her recommendation is to include a light steam treatment (infused with your favorite herbs or essential oils) followed by a mask and facial massage.

Caring for your face is an exceptional way to improve your appearance while also boosting self-esteem and improving attitude. Customize your own facial care routine for phenomenal results.

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